Monitor your algorithms in real time


Maximal insights with no impact on performance

When models are developed, they are tested rigorously. However, once the analytics are put in production, the developers move on to the next challenge and the model is left running. Over time, the use cases shift and the model is used in a context for which it has never been tested. This sometimes leads to suboptimal behavior or even model failure causing financial loss, downtime or worse.

When Yields monitors the algorithms in production, it learns about typical behavior and captures early warning signs when the algorithms deteriorate. Thanks to its beautiful reporting dashboards, it adds transparency to the model behavior leading to key insights and more optimal usage.

Who is it for

ML users who want to use their models more optimally, leading to increased added value

Start-up companies developing new services and products and want to offer a SLA on their algorithms

Risk managers who need to monitor models because of internal or external policies or regulation.

Benefits to your business

Fast detection of issues

Better models

More transparency

Automated reporting

Interested in a demo?

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