Monitor model risk in real time


Maximize insights without impact on performance

The platform provides clients with a powerful and unique model monitoring capability that is used to dynamically detect issues with models in real time.

At the enterprise level, the platform’s analytics are capable of quantifying model risk across the full spectrum of models, thereby providing management teams with an invaluable decision tool. tracks (and persists) model risk KPI’s through dynamic monitoring of Production models. This is a cornerstone of a best practices approach to model governance and is often required by auditors, supervisors and regulators. On the technical level, the platform uses machine learning to analyze data representativeness and quality through time. It also compares the model outputs continuously with a set of challenger models for increased stability. Our dynamic dashboards and issue management workflow finally allow model owners to actively manage their models, leading to higher added value and a more stable model inventory.

Who is it for

C-level execs who seek to understand the enterprise-wide model risk

Risk managers who need to monitor models because of internal or external policies or regulation.

Model developers who want to shorten the development timeline

Benefits to your business

Quantified model risk

Fast detection of issues

Better models

More transparency

Automated reporting

Interested in a demo?

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