Building a company dedicated to

lean AI

  • James, Sebastien and Jos meet during a quantitative risk management project at a major European bank
  • SR 11-7 regulation is published emphasizing the need for continuous monitoring of algorithms in the financial sector
  • The London whale trading incident unfolds - a textbook example of model risk
  • We create to build the first model risk management platform

The story of

Offering model validation products and services

  • We are a highly experienced & specialized team of finance industry leaders, quantitative analysts & developers.
  • Our team has extensive experience with front office and risk analytics development, implementation, testing & model validation.
  • We have developed an advanced, ML based model risk management platform that significantly improves model test efficiency, coverage and model accuracy

jos gheerardyn - CEO

A senior quantitative analyst with a wealth of advanced modelling expertise. PhD in super string theory. More than ten years of Front Office experience including a three-year period as the head of quantitative analysis at a major European bank. Proficient with multiple programming languages and several advanced software technologies. Seasoned lecturer on quantitative topics.

sebastien viguie - CTO

Senior quantitative analyst professional with extensive knowledge of mathematical modeling. Sebastien received his M.Sc. in financial mathematics from Stanford University in 2006 before spending more than ten years developing his expertise between Brussels and London within the BNP Paribas Front Office research team. Knowledge of various programming languages and software technologies. S├ębastien will concentrate on the product technical development from the belgian offices.

james d'aquino - COO

Senior Capital Markets and Enterprise Risk technology professional with a proven track record of success in partnering with senior business stakeholders to deliver highly strategic, business enabling change initiatives and transformation programs. James has assembled and led high-impact, entrepreneurial driven teams at major financial organizations at the regional and global levels including UBS, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch and HSBC

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